Connect helps you manage your community from a central platform to accelerate loyalty and drive sales.

For Sales Channels

Establish a communication channel to educate and nurture your sales partners from the moment they register to their success with your product.

Networking Communities

Encourage networking in your Alumni, or partner network with segmented meetups, events, chat and articles. Grow with online payments, and Sponsors.

Client Marketing

Coordinate your content marketing efforts and event management from a central place. Engage, nurture and grow interest with your brand’s followers.

Next generation networking app

What Is Connect

We developed Connect for those who want to generate a fluent communication with their community. You will have the key tools to engage with segmented content, chat and peer to peer communication. Integrate your rewards system, capture leads and merge market information to contain everything in a coordinated way.

100 000+ people already use Connect!

Engage your Community

Generates a relationship to strengthen your network of contacts, customers or channels. Connect allows you to interact with other people as well as the possibility of receiving information by specific topics.

You can generate different groups by interest, country, product or the segmentation that your business needs.

Each participant of a group can contact others by chat through the app and in case of having permissions, generate content, upload photos and share on social networks.

Unique Features

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  • Events

    Powerful event management tool where you can see attendees, bio of the speakers, generate surveys, raffles, people finder, upload photos or videos and share them in social networks. For large events, indoor geolocation, invitation management and access to the event.

  • Chat

    Allows to chat between attendees or members of a group.

  • Groups

    Generates communities depending on the need or type of business, allowing segmentation by interests, profiles, products and countries, communicating quickly and easily at the right moment.

  • Sponsors

    This feature makes Connect an investment instead of an expense! Generates additional income easily.

  • Self Segmentation

    Segment your database automatically based on participants profiles and interests. Based on it you can send tailored content to each one or distribute messages easily.

  • Analythics

    Get metrics and usage reports to see different statistics according to access, downloads, KPIs or simply to know if users access the app in order to generate communications and automated flows to improve onboarding.

Available on App Store and Google Play

Find Infinite Inspiration & Share Great Photos!
Connect Newsfeed

Outstanding Flexibility


Notify the latest news through push technology, directly to the mobile device.


Generate relationship groups by topics of interest to maintain an active network.

Events Builder

Generate events quickly and easily with just a couple of clicks.


Integrate Connect through APIs with your company applications you want to consolidate
and access from a single place!

How It Works

Download App

Search for Lyncros Connect in Play Store or App Store and download the app!

Log in to Connect

Login in a very simple way and start living a unique experience. You can self-manage the generation of groups, events or upload articles of interest directly from the app.

Share with Customers & Have Fun!

Generate a new relationship channel with your network in an intuitive, simple and direct
way as you never saw.

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